Anonymous said: I started watching Free! because of you and I'm only on episode 4 of season 1, but I'm wondering who you ship?? I see a lot of Mako/Haru gifs, but I feel like there's more potential for Rin/Haru so far... Maybe things will change though! :)


i ship both! i love both A LOT. buuuuttt, mako/haru are my otp. :’) 

mako/haru and rin/haru are the two main ships in the fandom though, from what i heard and from what i’ve seen lurking (the shipping wars are WAY INTENSE). the majority of season 1 is dedicated to rin/haru’s relationship so that’s why they’re a super compelling ship. they get a lot of development. but mako/haru work for me better becaauuuuuusseee…

under a read more cause i know so many people are probably so sick of me reblogging this anime :’))

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Can u tell ma a site where i can watch free!

what mtv hope to see in the 1D fandom: Oh My Gosh, One Direction are so beautiful! They are my inspiration and they have got me through so much! their songs are so much fun, but then there's songs that really capture my heart! they are absolutley everything to me and I love Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall and Harry so much! I'm so proud of 1D!

the reality of the 1D fandom: hahahahah, Harry your nose is shaped like a penis. i mean why the fuck cant i have these homosexuals in my bed. niall swearing? omfg you brilliant cray cray special snowflake., OMG NIAM MOMENT. RE-BLOG RE-BLOG RE-BLOG. Boo bear keep that sass and ass under control , you booty-licious diva. TORN, OMFG, I NEED A BUCKET FOR MY CREYS YOU ALL LOOK SO FETUS LIKE. but now, just get naked all of you, just for me yeah ok. LIAM STOP BEING SO ADORBALE YOU WILL MAKE MY HEART BURST, JUST LIAM MY FEELS ARE OVER FLOWING. omg is this a picture of zayns new tattoo...that is the worst mother effing tattoo i have seen in my life, what was going through your mind ay bad boi? I AM IN AN EMOTIONAL STATE, I HAVE WASTED MY LIFE BLOGGING OVER THESE 5 IDIOTS. OMG. LIFE RUINERS



I:”-But you guys have been caught kissing:”

H:”-Just one time.”

I’m gonna scream

Is there a video of it??

For once I am Happy that I have a little tummy.

So I was sitting at home wearing a top without a bra  and I realized I don’t have any vegetables to cook…

I didn’t feel like taking off my top and wearing a bra so I just put an old strapless bra thinking I just have to walk the grocery store is quite near…

So…I while I was walking ..the bra is coming down and If it wasn’t for my little tummy…I would have made a big fool of myself :/ :/

Louis & Harry - Boom Clap | Larry Stylinson tattoos

Amazing Larry video



do you ever get your period and just think about your recent behavior like wow that explains a lot

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